About us

About Us

New Jersey is at the very center of field hockey in the U.S. Field hockey is played by both girls and boys, and played around the world. Our club offer seasonally throughout the year indoor and outdoor program for boys and girls of all skill levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Your child will learn all aspects of field hockey and practice field hockey drills which will allow her/him to take their game to the next level. So if you are interested in getting your child involved before high school enroll your child in our club teams so she/he can get properly introduced to the sport. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the best and have fun playing the sport you love.

Beginners are provided with a curriculum that teaches the basics of field hockey while having fun and making new friends. Private training, skilled classes. Great opportunity to get sholarship for college!

At our club you are going to learn:

Dribbling, passing and receving, ball control, shooting, defensive tackling, positioning, teamwork, agility, footwork and more! Youth sport teach kids to be disciplined, deal with adversity, gain strength, courage and confidence and be a teamplayer. The mission of Blackheath FH Club is to provide high quility training opportunities and develop individual confidence, all while providing athletes more reasons to love the game of field hockey and make it a part of their life