Indoor Field Hockey is the Best at Blackheath field hockey Club

Indoor field hockey is a modified form of outdoor field hockey which was developed around the 1950s in order to allow players continue to play throughout the winter seasons in most European countries where the playing on snow is impossible. The game is similar to outdoor field hockey with only few exceptions.

 The Players

The players in an indoor field hockey are usually 5 players and a goal keeper for each team. The positions are usually Attackers and defenders who can switch role during the game while the goal keeper prevents goals.

Field & Equipment

Indoor Hockey is played on gymnasium wood floor, vinyl or linoleum, or snap tiles. The length of the pitch usually ranges from 36 to 44 metres and width are in the range of 18 to 22 metres. There are usually side boards that can be used to make passes and the ball is out when it flies past the boards. The goals are 2 yards high, 3 yards wide and 1 yard deep. The game has 2 halves of 30 minutes each.

The indoor hockey sticks are also lighter than the outdoor ones providing easy manoeuvres of the balls on the indoor surface.

Stick Handling

The pace of the indoor hockey is faster, owing largely to the smaller size of the pitch and the lighter sticks being used. The strategy is to master using the flat side of the stick to move the ball and players are not permitted to lift or hit the ball outside the circle. General skills include push, pass, deflect or dribble the ball without hitting it.

Free Pushes

Are awarded when:

  • You obstruct a player from playing the ball
  • You interfere with the hockey stick or body during tackle
  • You kick or lift the ball outside the circle

All players must stand three yards away from the player taking the push.


Goals are scored by a field goal, by a penalty or corner or on a penalty stroke. Field goals are scored from inside the circle, even though the shot may be outside the circle.

Finally, Indoor Field Hockey is the Best at Blackheath field hockey Club as we have the best and up to date equipment and facilities needed.