Outdoor Field Hockey is the Best at Blackheath field hockey Club

Hockey as a game began in the mid-eighteenth century in England around the time there was a growth in the number of Public schools. Just like every other sports it is an interesting game, and in recent times it became both an outdoor and indoor game.

The Players

The number of players in an outdoor field hockey can be as much as 16 players in each team playing against each other but usually too teams with 11 players and a goal keeper are commonly used. The line-up usually includes different number of attackers, midfielders and defenders. Field hockey gives you the room to hit, flick, push, chip, sweep or aerial the ball and this brings a new level of 3-D approach to your game.

 The game is also open to younger children as early as 5 years old as well as high school and college students. To play the game you have to be physically fit and starting early may give you a better chance to reach great heights and visit new places by playing in competitions around the world.

The Field

For outdoor field hockey, the field are usually 91.4 metres by 55 metres or 100 yards by 60 yards. The pitch can be made of grass, field turf, asto-turf or Bermuda grass depending on the facilities available as well as the stage of play and where it is being played.

The Stick

Outdoor field hockey sticks are usually made of wood or composite materials. Composite materials allow for better ball control and if it is available it is usually preferred. The stick has a basic shape with one round side and a flat side, outdoor stick is usually thicker and heavier compared to the indoor.

The sticks are usually made from hardwoods such as hickory and Mulberry. Also Elm and Ash are also sometimes used. Composite sticks are made from fabricating wood as well as other materials like carbon or glass fiber together. Beginners always love the composite sticks as they are less heavy and provide effective ball control while professionals will opt for heavier stick for strength to ward off hard shots and make firm passes.

The Pace

The pace for the outdoor hockey is usually slower because of the larger size of the field and the larger number of players.

The Rules

The rules of the game are similar to that of the indoor hockey; a foul is committed when the ball hit your feet or you hack. Outdoor hockey permits you to pop or lift it over a player’s stick to get around them which is not seen in indoor games. For Penalty in outdoor field the ball has to come out of a circle and re-enter for a goal to count. Also the defenders can only have 4 players behind while the rest of the team recovers from 50 yard line so that they do not have plenty players in the circle as they like.