About us

New Jersey is at the very center of field hockey in the U.S. Field hockey is played by both girls and boys, and played around the world. Our club offer seasonally throughout the year indoor and outdoor program for boys and girls of all skill levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Your child will learn all aspects of field hockey and practice field hockey drills which will allow her/him to take their game to the next level. Read more…

Meet our Coach




Nonna Mamedova is a result-driven and dedicated field hockey coach with 15 years of coaching experience and with 10 years playing experience in the USSR women’s field hockey national team. Nonna is a playing coach who is still taking part in contests.


  • 15 years of coaching experience
  • 10 years playing experience in USSR women’s field hockey national team
  • Gold, Silver and Bronze medalist
  • First Aid / CPR Certified
  • Regional Coach of the year Award, 1986 Bukhara, USSR
  • Level I Coach Accreditation
  • Level II Coach Accreditation
  • Member of USA Field Hockey


Nonna, we wanted to thank you for an amazing time at Blackheath Field Hockey Club. Working with you was fantastic! My kids love you and enjoy your lessons. Don’t hesitate to have clients reach out to me to ask about my experience!

Jessica, Parent

- 22/04/2017

Thanks for Wonderful Outdoor Season Blackheath Field Hockey Club! My daughter has visited Nonna only for a couple of months but she really likes field hockey. We’ve found our favorite sport and now we’re looking forward to start Indoor Season.

Olivia, Parent

- 22/04/2017

My son began visiting Blackheath in November. We chose individual clinics and the first time we came there I oversaw his lessons. I’m sure Nonna is the best. From the next year we’ll start group clinics. We hope it would be as good as it was.

Marcus, Parent

- 22/04/2017