Individual and small group clinics

Individual and small group clinics

Blackheath Field Hockey Club is for players that love field hockey and want to develop their skills without a huge commitment of time to the sport. Sign up for individual and small group trains clinics from the most experienced and successful field hockey athletes, coaches and trainers in the country at North Jersey youth field hockey club Blackheath!

You’ll have loads of fun, build lifelong friendships, and dramatically improve your field hockey game during our four-day field hockey camp. Individual and small group clinics and skilled classes offered by Blackheath Field Hockey are a great way for promising field hockey athletes to sharpen their skills as they work towards the possibility of college athletic scholarships and success.

Parents of top prospect high school athletes know that the competition for athletic scholarships is more competitive than ever. Individual and small group training is very important for your kid’s progress. All trainings must be scheduled in advance and paid at the time of booking. The prices for the training are subject to change.

Through a variety of field hockey clinics, you’ll be able to practice all of the techniques used in the sport, including: dribbling, passing and receiving, ball control, shooting, tackling, positioning, agility, footwork, tracking and more.

We understand why some people want to wait for a year or two before attending Blackheath Field Hockey.

However, there truly is no time like the present! Our trainings are open to boys and girls from the ages of 12 and up. And it doesn’t matter what position you play or what your skill level is – we have something for everyone! Don’t Wait!

If you are interested please contact us to see what your options are. In the past we have been training already some local players and helping them to prepare for college and tournaments.