Have Fun With Us

Our fantastic winter session has come to a close. From beginning to end all participants were full of smiles and we had a truly memorable, special experience. Not only was learning a blast, but the games of scrimmage after every session really brought everyone together. Even though it was extraordinarily fun, that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t also productive. We were thrilled to witness a remarkable transformation in those who participated. Over the past eight weeks our players gained the confidence and expertise to really excel at field hockey. The winter session may be ending, but that doesn’t mean the fun will stop.

That’s because our Spring session is set to begin on March 7th. We will have a free 1-hour class that day at 7:00 PM so that everyone can see for themselves how invigorating and enjoyable this sport can be. All of our lessons feature a friendly, laid-back atmosphere that you’re sure to love. Girls of all skill levels, between the ages of 10 and 16, are invited to come play with us. Signing up is easy, just click here to register and then visit us at 22 Madison Rd in Fairfield, NJ. We’re so excited to meet you.