It is almost time!

The last Thursday of November is our favorite holiday that opens up the season of festivities and magic – Thanksgiving Day and we can’t be more excited about it! It’s time to get together with your family and closest friends to enjoy traditional turkey and all kinds of holiday foods at the dinner table. We like to call moments like this priceless and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving from all our team! May your holiday be filled with joy and laughter as it is the day to share the love and be grateful.

We are excited to announce that the Winter Season 2019 is about to start so you are very welcomed to join! We are inviting all entry levels starting Thursday January 3 for the next 8 weeks. You can find all the details on our home page including the annual registration fee information as well as the registration form itself.

Here in Blackheath field hockey club we are eager to provide the most comfortable learning environment while teaching the fundamental field hockey skills and practices your child will very much enjoy. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this amazing sport journey, filled with numerous events and a lot of fun, of course!