Quote by the coach herself on why is this sport so great

Sport has become my life and I couldn’t be happier to share my passion with the youth. Nothing could be more inspiring than that– Nonna Mamedova, Blackheath Field Hockey Club leading coach.

Nonna remembers having this big love to sports and active time spending since she was little and through her childhood years, this passion grew only stronger. She remembers being fond of many different kinds of sports but all in all, field hockey was a real life-changer. “It was love from the first practice” – Nonna says, while remembering how it all started.

Field hockey helps you to become a real team player, which is very beneficial in our modern world. The learning and skill acquirement requires strong discipline as well as persistence and dedication not only to one’s personal success, but also to the success of the whole team. It builds up the character, helps one to become a strong and confident individual and member of society so I am beyond happy to share my knowledge and experience as long time ago it helped me to become the person I am right now”.

Nonna not only has the 15 years of coaching experience, but also is still an active player, who is a part of “Monmouth”. In NJFHA competition between Leagues which took place in Ridge high school, Basking Ridge, NJ, she scored 2 goals, and the team won with the result 3:0. Every new game is just another step she’s taking in sharpening her skills as well as something that brings joy and inspiration, something that makes sharing the experience so personal and important.

Such personal approach makes Nonna Mamedova our number one example and mentor.